Technologies That Changed How We Communicate

Communication has immensely changed in the past few years. From using craggy, ringing telephone lines to multitasking through the latest smart phones, mankind has witnessed how connecting with people has evolved to whole new level. Thanks to technological geniuses like Steve Jobs, the market of using communication devices (like his brainchild – the iPhone) is projected to grow in astounding numbers.

Behind these marvelous devices come even more spectacular applications which make these communication advancements progressively powerful.

An old telephone.

Through computer technology and software incorporation, communication tools have become integral elements in every industry in every corner of the planet. The use of software in being connected with other people has become a huge support in bringing efficiency and comfort to what previously was a hard and complicated task. With the continuously increasing demand for unending connectivity (through social media), mobile application downloads are similarly on the rise.

Fax Machines

Basic communication tools (like telephones and fax machines) have evolved so much that its technology has become a cultural aspect of today’s generation. Before, a telephone system with caller ID was an exciting advancement. Now, fax machines are given a more reinforcing makeover with its integration with software development. Fax messaging has gone far beyond than what it was expected to be as it now enters the internet. Gmail has come up with a way to provide a more efficient and less expensive way of sending fax messages. Check out Gmail Fax Help ( for more information.

An old fax machine.

Technological evolution has definitely shown how much more mankind can make lives much easier and convenient. Since the advantages of software engineering and design have been much more evident nowadays, it is only apt that one should take a look at what applications and technologies sparked the masterful evolution of communication.

Up High with Skype

Since its establishment in August 2003, Skype Technologies has been making tidal waves in the video chatting and voice call services across the globe. The company leads world-wide communication by fronting video calls in an excellently integrated application which can be used to view the person on the other side.

A guy waving through Skype.

This idea has held a huge potential back when the internet was still starting to snowball. The concept of the application is to make long-distance communication with another person more personal using video. As everyone knows by now, a webcam is needed from both parties in order for the system to work. With a press of a button (or dialing of numbers) in the application, the unique experience of video conversation can begin.

From this simple idea, world communication has improved by leaps and bounds.

Skype has been a major player in the video communications market and is continuing their operations up to this day. More people are still using Skype, from conducting online interviews to simply chatting with friends from the farthest regions of the planet.  Even with big competitors like Facebook Video Call and Facetime, Skype is still a thriving application that needs much appreciation for their innovative ways.

Mail Time in No Time

The earlier method of communication started from writing letters and mailing them to local places and even across the globe. Obviously, the process took a very long time to complete because of the travel time for each trip of the mailer.

Fast forward a couple of years (or decades, even), snail mail improved when local post offices took a step forwards and started to send letters with a faster, more systematic approach on the delivery. The travel time of each letter became a bit more efficient, but it is still considerably slow.

Today, sending messages has not only become paper-less, it also has become an instant message.

Yahoo Messenger.

Leading company Yahoo! has provided services that allow each user to communicate through online chatting. Who could ever forget the notorious smile of the Yahoo Messenger application when it is signed in? Yahoo messenger has become an instant brand for quick and exciting messaging that everyone in the world would know. It is at the forefront of what is called Instant Messaging or IM in the dial up internet era.

What Yahoo! Messenger (or YM) did is to revolutionize the way chatting works. Since most people would rather look at a certain application than checking their emails from time to time, the company made extreme efforts in providing a service that’s free and easy to use. One would only need to have a Yahoo! Account to build his YM and his messenger’s list. The application also boasted of using emoticons, now more popularly known as Emojis. These emoticons have established them as a brand that promotes communication in a fun and easy manner.

Social networking sites are not necessarily new in the business. Truly, it is more apparent now than ever with the recent advances of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Nonetheless, social networking actually began way back, when dominated the internet.

Myspace is a social media site which incorporates internet sharing, commenting and posting in a more old-fashioned way. Photos and videos can be linked in one’s profile to the other to show off what he or she has been up to lately. This has been a brilliant way for people to share their lives and build up an online personality.

Myspace music.

Though not in the levels of Facebook today, MySpace was once the perennial favorite. It did so by tempting the key young adult demographic with music, videos, and a funky, feature-filled environment. It looked and felt more hip and trendy than major competitor Friendster right from the start. True enough, it conducted a campaign in the early days to show alienated Friendster users just what they were missing.

The company behind Myspace recognized the innovative approach they needed to do and mapped social media as a true stamp in the internet. Though it was not necessarily an application, it was a platform in which SNS sites made their foundation.

As such, is considered as one of the most successful technologies ever produced, linking communication and technology in an engaging and interactive set-up during its time.


People now reside in a world where connecting with each other is as easy as 1, 2 and 3. Communication has grown so much over the years, almost at an instant, that every company is swinging left and right to provide that one right recipe to be something new and something that stands out. This attitude can be traced back by looking at the things that previous software designers and software engineers did in the past. Modern communication machinery is founded on the efforts of enthusiasts that established the beneficial link of communication and technology.

Applications and technologies in the past paved the way for an extreme communications evolution.


Simply put, there are many technologies that set as a foundation for the current technologies people has right now. Thanks to them, peoples around the world can link together harmoniously, knowing that everything, especially communication, can be made fast and easy.

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